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“Passive Income Program” or P.I.P. is a turnkey e-Commerce business program to generate a passive monthly income but more importantly have the ability to acquire business credit from $20,000.00 up to $500,000.00 in a few short months.

You will have a new LLC set up in your name, bank account, and a functional e-Commerce business running, generating a guaranteed net monthly income of $1,000. Can you just imagine what you can do with $1,000 extra a month? A new car, new boat, a better house, investing in your retirement. That's $12,000 per year, just think about that for a moment.

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Online Advertisers are always needing individuals to partner with them as a “Reseller Partnership” to process their online sales. The banks put caps on their merchant accounts and they simply cannot process their massive number of online sales by themselves.


All Administration, processing, advertising, is done for you. Time needed to start is 6 to 8 hours the first month and about ½ hour a month afterwards. You will be able to continue to work a job or run your current business while the "P.I.P." program is generating passive monthly income and building "Business Credit" in record time.


The business will be able to show gross bank merchant processing of $20,000 to $200,000 or more per month to your account and be able to be used to establish future business credit, get business funding up to $500,000! You can register with Dun & Bradstreet and build your Paydex score over 80*! You can now fund a new business, funding toward your existing business, or fund a dream project!

It is a win-win for both parties, the Advertisers get processing for their online sales and grow their business and you get the benefits of their high deposits in your account to receive large business funding at better rates and a guaranteed monthly passive income of $1,000 for 9 months minimum guaranteed, (usually runs 1 year to 3 years).

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Start Your own Business and start earning $1,000.00 per month with the PIP business program. Let your 650+ credit score make you cash.

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